When do the Residence Halls Close?

All residence facilities except Fair Commons, South Campus, and Universite Terrace will close for:

  • Thanksgiving: close Wednesday, at 10 am. & reopen Sunday, at 10 am.
  • Christmas: close Saturday at the end of Finals week, at 10:00 a.m. & reopen the Sunday before classes begin, at 10 am.
  • Spring Break: close Saturday, 10 am. & reopen the next Sunday, at 10 am.
  • Year-End: all halls & apartments close Saturday, May 9 at 10 am.

Students may not enter the residence halls or occupy rooms in closed halls during vacation periods. Students have the final responsiblity for finding vacation period accommodations.

Important Links:

Residence Halls Information:

Health Services Information:

All undergraduate students entering Anderson University are required to submit a Report of Health History and Immunization Records uploaded to the Department of Student Life by August 1.

Students with food allergies should review the Anderson University Food Allergy Policy, and self-report his/her food allergy/allergies to the Director of Dining Services, AU Food Services, by July 15.

Health requirements for students at Anderson University exist primarily to to protect students from diseases, which are infectious, and to secure medical information concerning students should they need assistance from the Health Services Department. This information is strictly for the use of Anderson University Health Services and will not be released without your knowledge or consent.

More information and required forms can be found here.

Housing Policy Appeal Process

Off Campus is defined as a student who does not live on-campus or with a parent/guardian. This process is available for those students who are not ELIGIBLE to live off-campus, but feel they have a legitimate reason to appeal the housing policy.

Commuter is defined as a student who lives with a parent/guardian. This process is also available for those students who are not ELIGIBLE to commute, but feel they have a legitimate reason to appeal the housing policy. Eligibility to commute is now based on a pre-determined list of zip codes, rather than mileage or drive time.

All students who are ELIGIBLE or have been APPROVED through the Appeal Process to live OFF CAMPUS or COMMUTE, must report their housing information each year. Please, scroll down and log in to complete the form appropriate for you. *Eligible Seniors (80 or more credits) must have achieved Senior-status before the end of the fall semester the previous year to be considered "eligible" live off-campus.

University Housing Policy 2020-21

Anderson University students are required to live in on-campus housing if they are registered as a full time student, 12 hours or more, and also fall under the following requirements;

1. have earned less than 75 hours by January 1, 2020
2. are not living with parent(s) or guardian(s)
3. are not 22 years of age by May 9, 2020
4. are not married

Seniors (those with 75 hours or more by January 1, 2020) and part-time students may live off campus. However, Anderson University reserves the right to require any student, regardless of class standing, age, or number of hours enrolled, to live in university housing or to move on campus at any time during the academic year.

Off Campus & Commuter Appeal Packets are available via email request to housing@anderson.edu.

Click here to see the complete list of approved zip codes.

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